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About Us

Dan Scroggins, Owner & Tour Guide

Dan is a passionate guy who has longed for a career that would allow him to do something that he enjoys as well as provide for his family.  He moved to O’ahu and this dream became a reality when he started this tour company.

Dan spends much of his off time in a relentless pursuit of new adventures and experiences. He loves the culture and rich history that Hawai’i has to offer. People say that this is a small island but the more he has explored it, the larger it has become to him. There is so much to do and see on the beautiful island of O’ahu. Whenever possible, he is out hiking, surfing, or exploring the island.

Dan is a devoted husband and father of three young boys. He has earned an Associates of Applied Science from the College of Southern Idaho, a Bachelors of History from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and a Masters of Business Administration from Chaminade University. He has also taken the official state of Hawai’i tour guide certification program through Kapi’olani Community College. He is a registered Radiology and CT technician as well as a veteran of the United States Army.

Patrick Boisvert


Tour Guide


Patrick has been a tour guide on Oahu for over 15 years although he was raised in Tokyo Japan! He moved to San Diego for college and then moved to Hawaii to live his dreams in paradise!


Patrick was featured in one of the first episodes of “Hawaii 5-0”, Then in another show was a Taxi driver in a Japanese comedy show called “Kizuna rookoki” with comedian Red Yoshida and his daughter! On a NHK documentary, (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai), called “World of Taxi Drivers”, NHk did a segment on Hawaii which aired back in 2017. Patrick was featured as a Youtuber who fished on his board on his days off and worked as a tour guide for famous people.

パトリックは「Hawaii 5-0″ というテレビ番組で紹介されました.


Once the word got out, many famous people have seeked him out! Glenn Davis from Orlando Magic, Jose Canseco MLB, Executives from Sony, famous Japanese actor Mr. Kaneko, many Japanese baseball players, Lee Tadanori who is a famous soccer player and the list goes on!


オーランド・マジックのグレン・デイヴィス、ホセ・カンセコ – アメリカンベースボール , ソニーの幹部, 有名な日本の俳優金子さん, 日本の野球選手、有名なサッカー選手のイ・タダノリ, そしてリストは続く…

Patrick has a Youtube fishing channel called Meheriolife and spends much of his off time fishing on his SUP board.

パトリックにはMeheriolifeというYoutubeの釣りチャンネルがあって 、彼のオフタイムの多くを彼のSUPボードで釣りによく行く.

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