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“Eddie Would Go” and “I Would Too”

beach o'ahu

By Dan Scroggins

Take a drive on O’ahu’s north shore and you will undoubtedly see a bumper sticker that reads “Eddie would go.” So what does it mean? Eddie Aikau was a well respected waterman, lifeguard and big wave surfer here on O’ahu. He descended from a line of Hawaiian chiefs or Ali’i. Eddie tragically lost his life in an effort to save his fellow crewman aboard the Hokulea. After his death, Quicksilver and the Aikau family united to organize a big wave surf competition to honor the memory of Eddie. Every year the contest window runs from December 1st until the last day of February.

In order for the event to run waves must reach 30-40 foot faces and break consistently for 24 hours. The first Eddie competition event directors wondered if the waves were too big. Famous big wave surfer says to reporter, “Eddie would go,” and it stuck. Eddie would surf the big waves, Eddie would save people who got swept out by big waves and Eddie went for help in the big waves, ultimately sacrificing his life in an effort to save his friends. Would you go?

I was picking up my company trucker hats when I noticed a sticker behind the desk which read “I would too.” Instantly I recognized that this was in response to the bumper sticker, “Eddie would go.” At first I thought, “well that is pretty pompous.”  On second, third, and fourth thought I began to ponder this statement a bit more. Eddie charged into big waves for sure but the skills necessary to survive in these conditions is not something he learned overnight. He spent hours and hours in the ocean and learned how to navigate big waves. He gained these skills little by little until he could surf waves that very few could.

What are the big waves that you face? What are the big goals that you have for yourself? Whatever they are, you can go. It won’t happen overnight but eventually you can gain the skills necessary to charge into life and accomplish your goals. “Eddie would go” and “You would too.” Aloha \m/

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